Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Travel to Mexico and Back in a Class Period

Photo by L. Lafond
Sixth grade students in Mr. Quezada's classes recently took a bus tour of Mexico City, Mexico while studying Latin America.  They started off sitting in seats on his "bus" in the library while he showed a power point and audio that pointed out different features around them in the city.  Once they came to their first "stop" students were allowed to get off the bus and had an assignment using Google Earth.  They had to travel from Deerpark Middle School to La Plaza de las Tres Culturas, where they had to answer questions about what they saw in a drawing.  When they were done, they were allowed to examine the street view of the Plaza and see what it would look like if they were actually in Mexico City.  The next day of the bus tour took them to La Basilica de Guadalupe where they were able to get off the bus and explore their surroundings.  Check out a video of what they saw.  

LA EMBAJADORA RONDALLA DEL AMOR DE SALTILLO. "Con Tu Amor Por Siempre." Royalty Free Music Downloads - Jamendo. Web. 26 Oct. 2011. .

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