Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Super Source Citing with Animoto

Ms. Cameron, our new 6th grade Language Arts teacher, is using Animoto to cover her TEK regarding citing sources.  Students must research information about a country, site their source properly, and then they have to find images from their country, and site the sources of where they obtained those images.  What a fun and engaging way to teach how to create a bibliography!  Ms. Kinney's classes are also working on the same assignment using animoto.  Students used easybib to cite their sources and they turned in a hard copy from a word document to their teacher at the end of the assignment

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More QR Codes Everywhere!

Recently, I posted an article QR Codes on Campus.  We recently had a Technology Professional Development day where teachers were given options to learn more about Google Apps for Educators, Paperslide videos, QR codes, Cell Phones in the classroom, and Interactive Whiteboards.

Teachers have already started creating new masterpieces with the knowledge they have gained.  In particular, Ms. Cordaway, created QR codes on the various types of poetry for her class.  I will be posting more teachers creations as they come in!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mr. Teal's Math Classes take on Moodle!

Mr. Teal, 8th grade math and geometry teacher, has been using moodle for weekly problems.  Mr. Teal assigns the problem at the beginning of the week and students have until Friday to turn in their answers to the problem. What's great, is Mr. Teal has data of when the student submitted his/her answer Moodle provides documentation that an answer was turned in on time or late, and Mr. Teal cuts back on paperwork by grading the assignments online.  The questions review concepts that Geometry Students should know. Here's an example of what the kids will see when they get an assignment in Moodle.  

First, students get a list of assignments

Once they click on an assignment, students will get the problem and the instructions on what information they should submit for their answer.

Students can then type out their answers and click submit.  If they decide to change their answer, Mr. Teal has it set up to where each student can resubmit if he/she would like.