Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spanish Missions - Texas History Takes a Virtual Field Trip

Mr. Waddell's Texas History classes recently took virtual field trips to the Spanish Missions. At one station, the students viewed the images below of Spanish Missions.  

At the next station, students viewed a YouTube video where they could listen to a gregorian chant and see the Latin words to go along with the chant as well as the English translation.  At this station they had to answer the question:  "How do you think listening to the chants helped the Monks and Natives become closer to God?"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

8th Grade History Goes Global with Google Earth

8th grade United States History students in Ms. Pennington and Mr. Pedraza's classes recently used Google Earth to engage students in the battles of the American Revolution.  Students searched each battle of the Revolution as reporters taking notes of what occurred and why it was important to the war effort. Students were engaged because they were seeing exactly where battles had occurred in relation to where they were sitting in their classroom.  What an innovative way to give students ways to relate their experiences in the classroom to the real world!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Here's My Poem, So Scan Me Maybe

Ms. Spivey's Sixth Grade ELA classes have been working on writing poems recently.  This week, she had the kids type up their poems in word, and they had to record themselves reading their poems in a program call Record MP3.  From there, the students turned their recordings into a QR code using the web-based tool, QR Stuff.  The students copied their QR code and pasted it onto the typed up version of their poem.  Now, you can choose to read a poem yourself, or scan a QR code and listen to the writer read the poem to you.  Students were excited to see their poems in the hallway and scan them using QR code readers on their phones.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Collaborative 6th Grade Science

Ms. Engelke, Ms. Black, and Ms. Rodriguez are sharing common assessments by using the online class program, Moodle.  Students get to take the assessments online and teachers get to provide immediate feedback and have their work automatically graded for them.  The teachers collaborate on the questions and import them into each other's courses.