Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Engineering, Robotics and Food

Deerpark is on it's third year for our robotics program, and we have two amazing teams this year.  In the fall, teams compete in the First Lego League Tournament where they are judged in three categories, Robot Design/Programming, Core Values/Teamwork, and a research project presentation.  This year's theme is Food Factor and our teams have been working hard contacting chemistry teachers from McNeil High School, researching the production of coffee and alternative ways to keep it fresh, building two extraordinary robots entirely out of Lego pieces, and figuring out the trials and triumphs of working together in large groups.  In November, 160 teams come together through various qualifying tournaments to show off and celebrate all of the hard work that they have done.  Teams who perform well in all three of the categories will move on to the championship tournament in January.

Robotics isn't for everyone, it takes up a great deal of time, students must be passing all of their classes, and they have to be able to work cooperatively with other students.
Students work on team building to learn how to work as a team better. 
John is working on the team's research project
Rachel works on her program to pick up Pizza and Ice Cream off of the  competition mat.
Rachel's Flow Chart for her program

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