Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Virtual Tutorials

Have you ever gotten home and started working on your homework and then thought, "What did my teacher say about this assignment?"  Mrs. Engelke has started solving this problem by having virtual tutorials using her online course in a program called Moodle!  Mrs. Engelke sets up a time with her students that she will be online.   Students can log in to her Moodle course using a computer from home or a smartphone and ask her questions just like a face to face tutoring session.    It's also beneficial for students who can't always stay after class or come after school to ask questions because of prior engagements.  
Example of one of the tutorial sessions

Mrs. Engelke has come a long way in her trek to become a 21st Century Educator over the past few years and we are very proud of the great things she is doing for our students at Deerpark!

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