Monday, October 3, 2011

Beyond Blackboards

Mr. Nissim is one of Deerpark's new 7th grade math teachers, and he is paving the way for Deerpark to move into the 21st Century using his Smartboard when he teaches.  While other teachers may use a dry erase marker on a white board for notes, Mr. Nissim takes in interactive approach to taking notes in math class.  Students don't sit behind their desks as active listeners, they are in front of the class as active participants!  

The interactive Smartboard is like a white board, only better!  It is hooked up to his computer and displays what is on his computer screen.  Instead of using dry erase markers, students use special pens that "write" on the screen.  The image, letters, numbers etc, that they write can then be saved onto the computer for later use.  

After taking the notes during class, Mr. Nissim places screen shots of them on his webpage for Unit Help!  Here's and example to the left.    Students are seeing the same notes they saw when they took them in class!

Each of our 7th and 8th grade math teachers has an interactive white board and Mr. Nissim will be giving a lesson on how to better utilize Smartboards in math this week!

To learn more about Mr. Nissim's 7th Grade Math class, visit his website.  

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