Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hungry for Hangouts

Deerpark's Book Club recently met with four other book clubs across three different time zones to discuss the book The Hunger Games.  The clubs set up a video conference using Google Hangouts where multiple groups can conference on in one location.  Other programs like Skype, allow the same feature, but at a monetary cost to the school.  Deerpark's Librarian and Instructional Technology Specialist worked with the Director of Information Services to make sure Google Hangouts were available so our club could participate in this wonderful opportunity. 

Once on the conference, each school asked questions and gave all of the other schools a chance to answer.  The campus in Pennsylvania even had a student Skyping in from Austria on a different computer, to contribute to their meeting and they would ask her questions through the video conference with the rest of the schools.  This was an amazing experience!

Students use Today's Meet to type in their questions for the team moderator

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  1. Super cool. The connectivity to a wide range of people enhances the students' learning well beyond the walls of the campus. Go Deerpark MS!