Thursday, November 17, 2011

Video Conference with Jason Henderson

For Deerpark's Literacy Night, Night of the Living Books, students and faculty had the opportunity to participate in several interactive activities regarding literacy throughout the evening.  One of the sessions offered was a Skype with author Jason Henderson who wrote Alex Van Helsing:  Vampire Rising.  Mr. Henderson shared the processes that he went through to write the book and took several questions from adults and students alike.  Through a feature in Skype, he was able to share a digital presentation from his computer over our screen as he was talking.  

One student inquired about what steps she needed to take to publish her own writing.  Mr. Henderson gave gave her tips like finding an agent and never paying someone to read your book.  Our principal, Mrs. Hayes was very eager to ask some pressing questions like, "When is the next book coming out?"  This was an amazing experience for all who participated.  

Students, Parents, and Teachers listening to author, Jason Henderson

A student getting writer's advice from a published author

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