Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photo Manipulation Assignment

Ms. Simonds' Newspaper classes were given an assignment to take original photographs and digitally alter the photos however they wanted.  Students created completely original pieces of art with their photo manipulations.  The best part about this project is that students were given a variety of tools to choose from.  Students used Picnik (which we are sad to say will be integrated into the Google+ system and students will no longer be able to use without a Google account), Pixlr, Aviary, Photoshop, and many students used their phones to take their photo and then utilized photo manipulation applications on their smartphone.   Several students used more than one editing platform to get the photo to look exactly the way they wanted.  They learned that  Pixlr  is great for getting an overall manipulation on the entire photograph, while Photoshop helped them edit specific pieces of their photograph.  Students also had to turn in a specification sheet indicating what software they used and what manipulation tools they used to manipulate their photos.  Student products ranged from power points and Animotos to Prezi's and Movie Maker Files.  Below is an animoto with a combination of several students' work.  Deerpark has some amazing artists.  

Students using cell phones to manipulate photos  

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