Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hanging Out in Canada

Mrs. Pazos' classes have been working on The Global Read Aloud with a school in Canada. This is the second year of hopefully many more, that Deerpark has participated in The Global Read Aloud Today, they had a Google Hangout to have a question and answer session discussing the book.  Our friends in Canada started to have more of global perspective as they were watching the national news about the recent flooding in Texas.  Concerned about their new friends, questions turned from the book, to safety, and how often we have flash flooding in our area, as well as our Halloween traditions in the United States.  

The Canadian students have created friendship bracelets for all of Mrs. Pazos' students while our students have 3D printed key chains based on the book using the program Tinkercad and utilizing one the district's 3D printers.


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