Friday, December 12, 2014

Deerpark Hour of Code

Deerpark Middle School recently participated in the Hour of Code.  A group of students in the Teen Tech Advisory Team got together and worked on lessons to teach each zone class an hour of code.  Students coded their own beats, made dancing monsters, and even programmed lights that would be displaced on one of the Christmas Trees at the Whitehouse!  Some students even coded their own Flappy Bird and Angry Birds games.  Students in Ms. Pikas' zone, worked on more challenging coding, while students in Mr. Widis and Ms. Rathburn's classes worked on more advanced coding with Scratch and Java.  Overall, almost every student on our campus was exposed to coding this week.  It was really amazing.  

The Teen Tech Advisory Team is working on collecting all of the beats that students coded and creating a single Deerpark beat in Audacity.  Look for more posts with their completed project!


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