Monday, November 18, 2013

Pazos' Mrs. Pratchett Project

In Ms. Pazos' class, students read "The Great Mouse Plot" by Roald Dahl.  Students wrote similies, metaphors, and examples of imagery on post-it notes about Mrs. Pratchett.  The post-it notes were put on a mini size Mrs. Pratchett poster.  The class then spent the next three days working on a Blendspace, a digital place to store content, about Mrs. Pratchett.  Students used pictures from Google and Flickr, YouTube Videos, text and quizzes to teacher their audience about Mrs. Pratchett using similes, metaphors, and imagery.  Students shared their Blendspace with Mrs. Pazos using a Google form.  From there, students completed the assignment by making a QR code of their Blendspace and posting it in the hall.  Students utilized their school issued Gmail accounts to get the templates, Google Turn in Form, and directions for this project.  
Project Rubric/Instructions

Pages like these were hung in the hallway with the QR code linking to the student's project

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