Friday, January 24, 2014

Monologing with WeVideo

Students in Mrs. Ruiz de Chavez's classes had to create monologue try out videos for an upcoming theatrical production.  Students had to find a piece to perform and video record themselves performing it.   Students used an online program called WeVideo  to create their monologues.  They could choose from various themes that would automatically enhance their video by adding film effects and music.  Once completed, the students saved their video in Google Drive and shared their piece with their teacher.  Mrs. RDC could view the monologue try outs in the comfort of her own home reserving more class time for instruction.  

WeVideo is a wonderful online tool where students can create videos in a cloud environment, put themes and music to their videos, and record themselves using a webcam feature in the software.  Students at DMS use this application with their RRISD Google accounts to make sharing easy with teachers.  

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