Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just Hanging Out

As part of the First Lego League requirements for this year, teams must research a problem that occurs because of Natural Disasters, and then come up with an innovative solution to solve that problem.  In the process, students research various solutions already in place, the reference many sources such as books, websites, videos, and they also speak with experts that can help them with the development of their solution.  This year's team researched floods and came up with a solution for people stuck in their cars during a flood that is similar to the flotation devices in the seat cushions of airplanes.  As a part of their research process, they spoke with a UPS pilot, Jim Crowley, living in the DFW area.  In order to have an authentic conversation with Mr. Crowley, the kids utilized Google Hangouts to ask questions and clarify some of their research.  He was able to ask them more about their project as well. 

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