Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Outsiders Gallery Walk

Students scanning QR codes with their phones to learn more about
automobiles in the late 1960's.  
Our seventh grade ELA students will start reading The Outsiders in the next few weeks.  To focus on the setting in The Outsiders, Ms. Lott and Ms. Lafond worked on The Outsiders Gallery Walk.  They utilized YouTubeTimeMachine to find various video clips from the time period and attached them to poster advertisements of various fashion products, movies, technology using QR codes.  Students could walk through the gallery and scan the QR code with their phones to see a video of the actual advertisement.  Students also took a Socrative Quiz on some of the slang that was used in the book as well as viewed a ThingLink that focused on the popular musicians and actors of the time.  Students could listen to the over powering screams at a Beatles Concert, or find out a little more about what kind of music Elvis Presley sang.  Music from the late 1960's was playing on the speakers, while an episode of Mr. Ed was playing on the projector.  Students also could use their phones to take pictures with "Greasers" in a photo booth.  Seventh grade students were really getting a feel for the time period, some of the slang, and truly seeing how the cost of things then and now have changed.  They also saw how some of the fashion has changed, while things like converse and plaid shirts are things they would wear today.  Ms. Lott and Ms. Lafond provided an amazing learning opportunity for students utilizing many various technology tools.  
Students took a Socrative Quiz on 1960's Slang

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