Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Remind 101

DMS teachers have been using an amazing tool called Remind 101 to communicate with students in a safe and secure matter.  

First a teacher sets up an account and creates a class.  She then gives a code to students and parents that they can text to a specific number to be enrolled in the class.  Teachers can schedule reminders about upcoming assignments, last minute schedule changes, and anything else she might need to remind students about.  The teacher's phone number is kept private, and the students are listed by their name in her class list and not their phone number.  This help keeps both teacher and student information private between the two parties.  

Ms. Evans uses Remind 101 with volleyball and basketball teams.  She plans on using it with her track and soccer students as well.  She loves that she can send out reminders and her parents and students love that they get information in a way that digital learners are use to receiving information, via text!   

Ms. Asha uses Remind 101 to remind students of materials that they need to bring to their art classes, or when assignments are due.  She loves having this type of communication with students.  

I use Remind 101 with the DMS Robotics team and parents.  I can easily send out a quick reminder about our practices without students/parents ever knowing my phone number.  We also use Remind 101 with our staff.  For instance, if the network is down at school, and e-mail would note be an effective way to communicate, I can send out a Remind 101 to our staff letting them know what is going on.  It is a great resource.  

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