Wednesday, January 11, 2012

8th Graders + Writing + Flip Cams + Movie Maker = The How Toies

Students filming their How To Video
Ms. Tyler, Mr. Garcia, Ms. Summers and Mr. Williams' students have been working very hard on writing and editing scripts for their How To Videos.  After students were done writing their scripts, each group was given a flip camera to video tape each of the steps of their How To paper.  

Once the videos were made, students used Windows Movie Maker to compile their shots and create a How To Video. At the end of the unit, the teachers held "The How Toies" to award groups on various categories from best actor to best video overall.  The teachers laid out the red carpet and were dressed to impress.  Winners were given trophies and allowed the opportunity to make speeches.  

Mr. Garcia, Ms. Tyler, and Mr. Williams dressed up for the Red Carpet!

Students had to walk
down the Red Carpet to get
to the awards
How Toie Awards were given to
Best Actor, Best Soundtrack, Best Costumes, &
Best Overall Video
Below is the 1st period over all winner, "How to Cut Grass the Old Fashioned Way".  Check it out, it's awesome!

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